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Project Management

Planning, developing and making a reality – that is our mission. Our project development team realizes visions of complex residential and commercial properties. From the purchase of the property to planning the entire project process to implementation, we offer the complete package and thus serve the entire value chain of a property.


The conceptual planning and elaboration of the idea forms the cornerstone of the project development of a property. This includes, among other things, the location analysis and the purchase of land, the preparation of building permits, the financial planning of the projects and the examination of the profitability of the planned objects.


With technical know-how in all areas of construction, we implement our projects in a location-appropriate manner and with the appropriate construction and living quality. We work exclusively with experts who realize our construction projects side by side with us.

Property Management

The brokers and administrators of our sister company accompany you from the first inquiry to the move to OH real estate and administration and then with the administration of your property. Through constant adjustments to the market, we have optimal processes and expertise for the management of your property.


Our team consists of experts with many years of experience in the industry, so we provide the concentrated expertise and know-how to ensure the successful placement of a property on the market and thus long-term value retention for buyers and investors. We always have a solution because our know-how helps us to counteract potential problems before they arise.

The range of services includes the development and the entire life cycle of a property. This includes, for example, the acquisition of land, the creation of building rights, the conceptual planning and its timely implementation in the desired building and living quality. In contrast to most companies in the real estate industry, Ozean Horizont Projektentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG relies on equity for its projects. We therefore act independently of developments on the financial markets and manage our projects with absolute sovereignty. Our customers and investors enjoy the greatest possible security and reliability.

Customer Satisfaction

Our claim is customer satisfaction: Attractive and future-oriented locations with marketable, profitable and modern real estate - that's what project development stands for. Progress and innovation are key buzzwords that, along with quality and timing, set us apart the most. As part of the OZEAN Group, we act independently of developments on the financial markets and therefore manage our projects with absolute sovereignty and offer the greatest possible security and reliability.

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