Property Management

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We live real estate! Ocean Real Estate was founded out of this passion. Especially with such high investments, it is important that someone takes good care of the property to ensure its preservation and to increase its value.

As part of the OZEAN Group, we have the necessary real estate know-how. We regularly follow the construction progress of our own projects and therefore know the current market prices, building material trends, risks and legal changes.

The continuous improvement process and the high level of knowledge form the basis for a functioning property management. Maintenance, regular changes in the framework conditions, constant support and modernization work as well as future-oriented planning are necessary to achieve an increase in value.



  • Monthly transparent billing, account status
  • In-house architect and planner
  • Rental services
  • Settlement of heating and operating costs
  • Review and, if necessary, implementation of rent increase options
  • Complete object correspondence (with tenants, craftsmen, authorities, insurance companies, suppliers)
  • Overall management of services (optimization of services, e.g. of house cleaning companies, gardening companies and caretaker service companies) 


  • Comprehensive support when selling the property
  • Assistance with the division of residential property
  • Assistance with succession planning
  • Assistance in negotiating with tenants in the case of conversion to ownership
  • Recommendation from experts such as architects, tax consultants, lawyers, experts


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